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- 0-9 -

- A -
100,000 Years [Kiss]

- B -
Baby, Please Don't Go [Ac-dc]
Black Diamond [Kiss]
Breaking The Rules [Ac-dc]

- C -
C.o.d. [Ac-dc]
Cold Gin [Kiss]

- D -
Deuce [Kiss]
Don't Rain On My Parade [Lee Aaron]
Dream With Me [Lee Aaron]

- E -
Empty Heart [Lee Aaron]
Evil Walks [Ac-dc]
Eye For An Eye [Lee Aaron]

- F -
Firehouse [Kiss]
For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) [Ac-dc]

- G -
Goin' Off The Deep End [Lee Aaron]
Gotta Thing For You [Lee Aaron]

- H -
Hands Are Tied [Lee Aaron]
Hands On [Lee Aaron]
Heartbeat Of The World [Lee Aaron]
How Deep [Lee Aaron]

- I -
If This Is Love [Lee Aaron]
Inject The Venom [Ac-dc]

- J -
Jailbreak [Ac-dc]

- K -
Kissin' Time [Kiss]

- L -
Let me Know [Kiss]
Let's Get it Up [Ac-dc]
Love Theme From Kiss [Kiss]

- M -

- N -
Nasty Boyz [Lee Aaron]
Night of the Long Knives [Ac-dc]
Nothin' to Lose [Kiss]
Number One [Lee Aaron]

- O -
Only Human [Lee Aaron]

- P -
Powerline [Lee Aaron]
Put The Finger on You [Ac-dc]

- Q -

- R -
Rebel Angel [Lee Aaron]
Rock Candy [Lee Aaron]
Rock The Hard Way [Lee Aaron]

- S -
Shame [Lee Aaron]
Show Business [Ac-dc]
Snowballed [Ac-dc]
Soul Stripper [Ac-dc]
Spellbound [Ac-dc]
Strutter [Kiss]
Sweet Talk [Lee Aaron]

- T -
Tough Girls Don't Cry [Lee Aaron]

- U -

- V -

- W -
Whatcha Do To My Body [Lee Aaron]

- X -

- Y -
Yesterday [Lee Aaron]
You Ain't Got A Hold On Me [Ac-dc]

- Z -

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